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As the funny and occasionally foul-mouthed show sings on, the ensemble cast comes to life as various characters from Aaron and Casey’s past—and possible future!

The show is perfect for a real first date, a girls’ night out or if you’re looking for a night at the theater packed with more laughs than you can count. No, because First Date has its fair share of naughty language and sexual innuendo.

To get fans pumped for the series, Mandy Moore (Rapunzel) and Zachary Levi (Flynn Rider, a.k.a.

Eugene) — who are reprising their roles from the 2010 film — did their absolute best to describe the show with only one word at a time.

He is an American and is of Welsh, English, Irish, Native American, and German descent.

pub Id=1372165866" style="width:100%;" What Is the Story of First Date?He got his rise in fame after he began starring the role of Kipp Steadman in the TV sitcom, Less than Perfect.In 2005, he appeared in the short movie Reel Guerrillas.The night unfolds over the course of this couple’s hilarious first date, and it’s not without its share of surprises in the form of imaginary visits from Aaron’s ex-girlfriend, Casey’s uptight sister, the pair’s protective parents and even their future son!Google background checks, awkward pauses and bailouts are all there during this unforgettable first encounter between two romantics, who just might be perfect for each other. Like the show’s romantic sensibility, the musical idiom is Broadway-lite; but again, not too-too Broadway and not too-too lite — quite suitable, really, for this entertaining, but not overly pushy show. At a rapid-fire 90 minutes, First Date is a lighthearted musical comedy that chronicles a blind date between Aaron (who has never gone out with a stranger) and serial romancer Casey.

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