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And overall I felt the stage was controlled and the numbers were tight enough that I wouldn’t have missed anything in orchestra and could have seen more facial expressions. I expected to, although beforehand I didn’t consider how biased I am against female voices.In almost anything I’ve seen, I’ve preferred the tenors.Does anyone believe that Fox is keeping The War At Home so everyone can have a nice sex break between Simpsons and Family Guy? First off, I was beating myself over the head with the essays to an application and finally decided I needed to not post anymore until I got them done. I’ve been purposely quiet here for a number of reasons.

Tinder is the most popular mobile dating app that makes meeting hotties much easier than scoping them out in person.On my 16th birthday, a blond classmate was shocked to discover that I would not also, automatically, be allowed to date.“But it’s a Constitutional right that you are allowed to date when you turn 16.” The other three Asian American girls in my class and I all looked at each other. It was a distraction from our studies, a waste of time, danger.So I often start something and edit out the details I feel are inappropriate for Internet and that’s just crap and so I try to write something else but my heart’s not really in it and so that’s crap so I decided I’d rather post nothing than crap. I did have a wonderful, social, TG-centric weekend. It started Thursday when he scored free tickets to the hockey game. A little frustrated with the scoring, but at least we won. Pete Times Forum and I’m going to concert in a few weeks there so that was a nice preview.Then Friday night was something I’d been looking forward to since October – .

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