Updating knotty pine cabinets

The most common are knotty pine—a familiar choice in country kitchens—and white pine, which also maintains a rustic look but doesn't show as much trademark visible knotting as its cousin.

Both types have their benefits—if you're looking for a truly rustic, traditionally country kitchen look, knotty pine will definitely give you that down-home feel.

However, transitioning into a hands-on creative role definitely did take some people by surprise. We had just purchased a fixer-upper and home renovations and interior decorating were taking over my life.

I was quickly learning that I loved the challenges of bringing an old home back to life and and finding ways to create your own mark on a space.

However, knotty pine plywood is difficult to manufacture due to the abundance of defects.

It's hard to find and, when you do locate it, it's expensive.

If pine kitchen cabinets are right for you, you'll have a couple of sub-species to choose from.It dents and scratches fairly easily, so you'll want to exercise caution around low cabinets in particular, and install any hardware carefully as well.Stocking Up Prepping the Surface Priming and Painting Community Q&A Refinishing your kitchen cabinets is a good way to liven up your living space and increase the value of your home.Knotty pine lumber, however, is one of the most affordable species available.Skip the plywood and make the cabinets out of solid lumber by laminating planks together side-by-side.

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