Taylor swift and hunter hayes dating

If you're a country music fan, you undoubtedly recognize Kelsea Ballerini's songs, but even if you don't listen to country radio, there's a good chance you recognize her as a certified member of Taylor Swift's squad. I'm just as excited for some new T Swift jams, but I'm not involved with it!! With three number ones (“Love Me Like You Mean It,” “Dibs” and “Peter Pan”) off her debut studio album, Kelsea is totally relatable.She describes herself as “awkward,” enjoys binge-watching TV shows (“Stranger Things” is her latest obsession) and is bound and determined to make her new tour bus feel girly (it previously belonged to Josh Turner whose “boyness” she is trying to get rid of with candles and throw pillows).While her music is unapologetically country, it has distinct hints of pop, too.Her songs are also deeply personal because she writes her own music, a fact her diehard fans don't take for granted.Aside from One Direction, Fall Out Boy, Fifth Harmony and R5 are also nominated for the Best Music Group category.Joining Bieber for the Best Male Artist category is Ed Sheeran, Nick Jonas and Shawn Mendes while Swift will be competing with Adele, Meghan Trainor, and BFF Selena Gomez for the Best Female Artist award.My parents moved to Nashville to be around us, they are the ones who are always there for you and keep you grounded.

It was the Red Tour so the moment she rolled in she had all red trucks [and all of the details]. We’re very close still so I always share the news with him when things are going great or when they are not.Winner of several music awards, he hopes to inspire generations to come with his country style-music.From beginning his career in Nashville to getting globally recognised with his song ‘Wanted’, Hunter is certainly the future of country music.thatarizonagirlxx-deactivated20 said: I totally just went on a reblogging spree from your blog, hope that's okay. I'm meeting him in April and yeah, I'm just so excited.Hunter Easton Hayes is an American a soulful country singer, multi-instrumentalist and songwriter. Hunter Hayes fell in love with music at the age of two, and by four he was already on national television.

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