Standing up to intimidating people

Dittmar volunteers say that the protest was disturbing."If he wants to support his candidate that's fine, but don't come here and stare into the office all day," said Su Wolff, a Fluvanna County resident and Dittmar volunteer.Other people who are a little worried to speak out because of possible persecution," he said.Parks stood outside the offices for almost 12 hours.The way I saw it, if I complained about Ivan to the "authorities" they might scold or penalize him, but one day I'd eventually be on that street alone again.Alone with Ivan, that is, with 10 defenceless blocks between me and my house.It never occurred to me to tell the teachers or my parents about Ivan.I don't know that they could have done much, anyway.

Some people seem to naturally stand up for themselves.According to Bibens, several demonstrators suffered seizures, broken ligaments, loss of bowel control, and, in some cases, loss of consciousness, including one elder who went into cardiac arrest.A reported 300 people have been injured, 26 hospitalized, and several arrested. ‘There can be no excuse and no justification for the intimidating and sectarian graffiti that has been daubed on walls around the new Felden housing development, or for the flags on lamp posts at the entrance to the estate’, she said.‘People have a right to live peacefully, free from threat wherever they choose to set up home. Along with Party colleagues I have been delivering that message in a leaflet drop in Felden, Graymount, Bawnmore and surrounding areas this weekend’, Gemma said ‘In recent months I have also held a number of meetings with local groups and agencies to discuss the best ways to counter these threats and to help re-assure residents and families.

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