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Relationship, don’t treat her like a sentence of the contract for transportation german.This is the term used universally in translations of the Marquis de Sade to English. frig may derive from OE friga, "to love"; and that may derive from the Norse goddess of love Freya or Frigga.In British English it does mean the same as "fuck", and is almost as [email protected] Tsirunyan: All the phrases that I can think of (or make up) for females would probably count as "too poetic" - I can't recall any that are more vulgar. I wonder what other languages (more specifically cultures) have to say about this.JOI, or jerk off instruction porn, features girls telling you how to play with your cock, when to cum, and more.It is a genre built on dirty talk and typically has the girl on her own in front of the camera.

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