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No matter where you are in life, there’s a group for you.

Ki DSCOR, Resurrection’s ministry for children from birth through 5th grade, is excited to partner with you to help the children in your life become deeply committed Christians.

Once a year, the singles have a celebration to celebrate their saved single life.

The Young Adults Ministry at Harmony Vineyard invites you to join us, a lively group of individuals just like you, who are seeking to find our identity in Christ, our significance in this world and “our part of all” in the God-ordained mission of the Great Commission in Matthew -20.

Our group of marrieds and singles meet every Sunday Morning @ am in room 240 upstairs.

We enjoy a time together of focused study, vibrant discussion and lively conversation.

The singles desire to serve God and be single; some are simply waiting for God to bless them with mates as they serve Him.

Singles are unique in that they are blessed to have a special Sunday School class covering biblical topics and everyday social issues.

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In this spirit, we affirm the following: The International House of Prayer (IHOPKC) community expects all its staff members (all staff, students, and interns) to make a personal commitment to live counter to the prevailing moral laxity of our society by not participating in, advocating, supporting, or condoning sexual activity (heterosexual or homosexual) outside of marriage, marriage being understood to be between one man and one woman, as set forth in the Scripture.Students that are already in a relationship before enrolling are encouraged to pray together as a couple and ask the Lord what they can offer to the Lord in their relationship that would enable them to participate in the time of consecration with the rest of their class at some level. Students that are dating or engaged are encouraged to inform their friendship group leader about their relationship to ask them for prayer and accountability.Use of Substances IHOPU is committed to maintaining an environment that is conductive to wellness and godly self-development of individuals.From relevant and meaningful programs on the weekend and during the week, to summer camps and parenting classes, it is our hope that families grow together on their journey to know, love and serve Jesus Christ.Kids Rezlife Student Ministries is a place for students to be transformed by God through worship, small groups, confirmation, retreats, service opportunities and more.

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