Action carried report task updating

This can be the delivery specified in the transition, a delivery selected explicitly, or a delivery calculated by a script. If you select , the activity will perform all the steps required to start the delivery (target calculation, content preparation, delivery).

If some of these steps have already been performed by a previous workflow activity they won't be performed again.

You have just configured an activity that consists of creating and preparing a new delivery based on a delivery template whose target will be specified within it.

Similarly, the Background Worker class has seen its heyday. However, BGW does have one benefit over the TPL: it is easier to use for background tasks that need to report progress to the UI. Some of them update the UI infrequently, and can be easily broken into separate tasks which only update at each “checkpoint.” Other background tasks update the UI more frequently, and cannot be easily divided this way.

For the background tasks that infrequently update the UI, the common approach is to split them into separate Tasks with “checkpoints” in-between.

Iterations that are near the end of a product cycle should show a wide band of closed Tasks.

You can review the report to determine the progress over time or during an iteration.

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